Yella Terra

For decades the engineers at PerfectTune and the speed hunters at Yella Terra have been bringing racers and racing enthusiasts like you precision engineered and manufactured parts designed to get the most muscle from their engines. Strength, performance, precision, and boundary pushing race expertise come together in the Yella Terra product line-up to get you hot, super charged speed.

Pushing Boundaries

Yella Terra has always pushed boundaries for the optimum in speed and performance. Some say even breaking the rules to deliver unmatched performance parts. But performance is all we know and we give that to you with race tested parts from the manufacturing experts at PerfectTune.

Decades of Expertise

Yella Terra is backed with over 45 years of engineering and race experience. With Perfect Tune engineering using the latest in precision manufacturing and CNC machining centers, Yella Terra brings unparalleled quality to the aftermarket performance part industry. And to make the deal even better Yella Terra’s global network of suppliers make sure you get the backing you need in the field.

Precision and Quality

Yella Terra and PerfectTune’s precision and quality make muscle just a matter of fact. Whether your old school or new school, we’ve got the stuff to bring out the beast in easy to install, quality built precision kits.

At Yella Terra, we know your need for speed, and we know how to deliver.